Twitter Power Hour

22 November 2016

Rasmea Defense Twitter Power Hours


Wednesday, November 23rd, from 12 Noon - 2 PM CST

In anticipation of her Daubert hearing on November 29th, join the Rasmea Defense Committee for twitter power hours Wednesday, November 23rd, from 12 Noon to 2 PM CST. During these two hours, we will flood social media with messages of support for Rasmea in an online show of power! Join us, tweet us @Justice4Rasmea, like the defense’s FB page, and check out our sample tweets and memes online at

Make sure to use the hashtag #Justice4Rasmea.

See you online November 23rd and in the streets November 29th!

Let us know you’re joining us in Detroit on November 29th by filling out this form! And support Chicagoans traveling to Detroit by making a donation at!

Promo tweets:

Join the #Justice4Rasmea social media campaign Wed, Nov 23, from 12 - 2 PM CST! Resources here:

Why is Palestinian icon facing @TheJusticeDept repression? Tweet & post on FB Wed, Nov 23. #Justice4Rasmea

Sample Tweets:

Help send bus of Rasmea Defense Cmte supporters to hearing Nov 29th in Detroit. Donate #Justice4Rasmea

The case of Rasmea Odeh, a #Palestinian Hero: #Justice4Rasmea

We need everyone to support #Justice4Rasmea and pack the courtroom for Nov 29 hearing

Read @marclamonthill on why #Black activists should support #Justice4Rasmea #BlackPalestinianSolidarity

All out for Detroit! Join us in the streets Nov 29 for Rasmea’s next hearing. #Justice4Rasmea

I’m going to Detroit, are you?! All out for #Detroit! Support #Justice4Rasmea on Nov 29 by signing up here:

U.S. Prosecutor McQuade @USAO_MIE: The world is watching, we demand #Justice4Rasmea Odeh.

VIDEO: Check out Rasmea in the @Black4Palestine video, When I See Them I See Us #Justice4Rasmea

Rasmea is an immigrant leader facing deportation by #DeporterInChief @BarackObama’s @DHSgov #Justice4Rasmea #Not1More